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iso image auf usb stick schreiben in linux / mac os


Mac OS

Gerät aussuchen

Der Name des Geräts sieht so aus /dev/disk1

Jetzt kommt das dd Kommando, was als Parameter ein if für InputFile und ein of für OutputFile erwartet. Der InputFile ist euer Image und der OutputFile euer Device.


wenn das Gerät busy ist dann

Mac OS

wenn das Gerät busy ist dann


Search or grep docker logs

Normal grep and piping seems not to work for docker:


That is normal, because docker logs internally to the standard error out, so we have to redirect the standard error output (2) to the standard output (1):


7zip process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process


I tried to compress a set of files via batch processing. Some of these files were currently opened by another process, so I encountered this problem.

7zip works as designed to skip those files, because an opened file could be uncompleted in the moment where we are trying to read it for compression, so its best practice to skip them.



or for older 7z Versions



install plexmediaserver on arm and ubuntu 15


Using hd-idle to spin down your hdd

Compiling from source:


List devices:



Check the device state:


If the hdd is not spinning down, try to disable the APM Mode


/etc/rc.local ergänzen:

Compiling TrueCrypt from Source

This example is for ubuntu installations, but it can be also adapted for other distributions.

Install build tools:

 Download Source Code and unzip:


Begin Compiling:


Mount a true crypted ntfs disk:


Install NX Server on Ubuntu

1. Open an terminal and enter:

Troubleshooting on Ubuntu:

Error message:

failed to load session gnome fallback

hint: enter your sudo password twice (hit enter also twice).

Installing XRDP on Ubuntu Server for RDP connection

1. Install the Ubuntu Desktop environment and a RDP Server:


2. Create a new user and add grant sudo rights:


3. Set users xsession configuration:


4. Now you can connect via rdp to your server.