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Python 2.7 must be installed for App Engine usage

other workaround when Python 2.7 is not working:

On Windows OS, Go to the „Control Panel“ > „Programs & Features“ and unistall all the versions of GAE you have.

Go to the path where you had GAE installed, „C:\Program Files (x86)\Google“ in your case, and delete the folder „google_appengine“ (if you prefer you can do a backup)

Install the lastest version of GAE (1.9.20 actually)

Test to deploy your apps, should work now.

Installing ADB on MAC OS X

Step 1 download:

Download Android SDK from the link below:

Step 2 extract:

You can extract it anywhere, but the best place is in the YOUR USERNAME folder root.

Step 3 path environment settings:

Then you need to set the path by copying the below text, BUT edit your username into the path, copy the text into TERMINAL by hitting COMMAND + SPACEBAR type TERMINAL.

export PATH = ${PATH}:/Users/YOURUSERNAME/android-sdk/platform-tools/

Step 4 ADB start:

Hitting COMMAND + SPACEBAR and type TERMINAL, in the Terminal type ADB and hit Enter.